Welcome to Houston Area Doberman Rescue

The Houston Area Doberman Rescue, Inc. (HADR) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and has no paid employees; donations made to HADR may therefore be tax deductible – please consult your tax advisor. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place Doberman Pinschers in responsible and caring homes in addition to providing a resource for public education on the breed and responsible dog ownership.

We serve as advocates for Doberman Pinschers who have become lost, abandoned, or abused. We vaccinate, microchip, spay/neuter, and treat heartworms before the dogs are placed in new homes. Only dogs of stable temperament and reasonable health are placed through our program. We maintain vet records and keep the dogs current on a regimen of heartworm preventative while they are in our program. We look for the right home for each dog. Matches are made based upon the needs of the individual adoptive homes and the temperament of the dog.

About Us

We believe there is a real need for breed education. There are many reasons Doberman Pinschers end up in shelters, become strays or are abandoned. We seek to make the general public aware that Doberman Pinschers are companion animals; not guard dogs to be left in a yard. We inform people of the importance of proper socialization, the need for training for a dog of any age, and the activity requirements of a working breed. We rely solely on donations and greatly appreciate any amount you can offer.

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