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We can always use the following items:
Monetary donations
Crates - Airline style or Wire ("Doberman Sized" Large or X-Large) (New or Used!)
Collars, leashes, training products (New or Used!)
Flea shampoo Frontline, Advantage, Heartguard medications (not expired)
Dog Food (Any brand)
Dog Bowls Durable toys, ropes, etc.
Blankets, dog beds or kennel pads (Used is fine!)


Please contact us  if you can contribute any of the above! We appreciate any assistance you may be able to give.

If you can contribute time or talent, we have the following HADR Committees that are looking for people:

  • Ways and Means Committee
    This group's primary responsibility is to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Organizing fundraisers and writing grants and proposals, soliciting individuals and companies for donations or support.

  • Adoption Committee
    Replying to adoption inquiries, screening homes, applications and conducting home checks are among this group's responsibilities. Only the very best homes are able to adopt one of our Rescued Dobermans and we need people to help us find them.

  • Intake Committee
    Monitoring foster space, evaluating dogs for placement into rescue, and providing a liaison between the foster homes and rescue. Temperament is the primary consideration for taking a dog into rescue. This committee must also make sure the foster homes' needs are met by distributing crates, blankets, leads, toys, etc.

  • Public Relations Committee
    PR is responsible for publishing our newsletter, making breed specific information available to the general public, coordinating events for the rescue, advertising, and assisting the W&M committee with fundraising events.

  • Website Development Committee
    Responsible for building and maintaining the HADR website. This includes digital pictures of the Rescued Dobermans, writing descriptions of the Dobermans, posting information to the site and updating links.

For more information, please contact us.